The simple and personal launcher for Android

Made for you


Easily find and keep in touch with the people who matter the most


Your favorite apps, automatically arranged based on your usage


Quickly get back to your recent photos, downloads, apps and contacts


Arrow makes it easy to interact with apps, stay in touch with friends, and keep on top of the important things in life. Arrow organizes your launcher around what you are trying to do. We powered Arrow with technology that learns from your behavior so it becomes better over time at helping you find the information you need.

Our story

A year ago, we introduced Next Lock Screen - a new type of lock screen that helps you be more productive in your day.

Since releasing Next, we have had a great reception with tens of thousands of pieces of your feedback. You told us what you liked, how it improved your phone, as well as how we can make it better. One of the most common requests we heard was for us to go further – to extend beyond the lock screen and bring the same ideas and more to the launcher.

We listened. Today, we are excited to kick off the next phase of our journey: Arrow – a new Android launcher , made just for you.

Arrow offers a radical simplification of the Android experience. We built Arrow to deliver the key capabilities of a launcher in a more streamlined package. To start, we have focused on three key goals:

  • Helping you keep in touch with the people who matter
  • Giving you easy access to the apps you use most
  • Making it faster to get back to whatever you were doing

To make this happen, we have added a number of smarts under-the-covers to learn your preferences and we will continue to invest heavily in this area. But the experience is not centered around this technology. Our goal is for the technology to stay in the background and do the heavy lifting so you can spend less time managing your phone, and more time enjoying it.

When you start using Arrow, you will quickly see that it does not feel the same as other launchers. Arrow is something new, a way to get back to what matters, when you need it. This is just the beginning of Arrow's journey - we are far from done. We plan to add a number of new features in the coming weeks and we are really excited to hear your feedback and ideas. Your relationship with your phone does not have to be complicated. Arrow was made for you. We'd love for you to give Arrow a try and join us on this journey.

Lawrence Ripsher

Founder, Arrow launcher

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